class Submethod is Routine {}

A Submethod is a method that is not inherited by child classes. They are typically used for per-class initialization and tear-down tasks which are called explicitly per class in an inheritance tree, usually for enforcing a particular order. For example object construction with the BUILD submethod happens from the least-derived to most-derived, so that the most-derived (child) classes can depend on the parent already being initialized.

Submethods are of type Submethod, and are declared with the submethod declarator:

class Area {
    has $.size;
    submethod BUILD(:$x:$y:$z{
        $!size = $x * $y * $z;

Since submethods are not inherited, an interesting use case is precisely methods that are going to be called from the standard submethods such as BUILD or TWEAK.

class Hero {
    has @.inventory;
    has Str $.name;
    submethod BUILD:$!name:@!inventory ) {
        @!inventory = self.clean-inventory@!inventory );
    submethod clean-inventory@inventory ) {
my Hero $þor .= newname => "Þor",
                     inventory => ( "Mjölnir""Megingjörð""Mjölnir" ) );
say $þor.inventory;
# OUTPUT: «[Megingjörð Mjölnir]␤» 

Invoking these methods make sense only in the specific context of the submethod it is invoked from.


method gist§

multi method gist(Submethod:D:)

Returns the name of the submethod.


Type relations for Submethod
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