The role provides no methods, but exists so that IO() coercers, which coerce to IO::Path, correctly type-check the resultant value. The role is implemented by IO::Path and IO::Special.

See also the related classes IO::Handle and IO::Path.


Type relations for IO
raku-type-graph IO IO Mu Mu Any Any Any->Mu IO::Special IO::Special IO::Special->IO IO::Special->Any Cool Cool Cool->Any IO::Path IO::Path IO::Path->IO IO::Path->Cool IO::Path::Cygwin IO::Path::Cygwin IO::Path::Cygwin->IO::Path IO::Path::Win32 IO::Path::Win32 IO::Path::Win32->IO::Path IO::Path::QNX IO::Path::QNX IO::Path::QNX->IO::Path IO::Path::Unix IO::Path::Unix IO::Path::Unix->IO::Path

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