class Collation { }

Collation is the class that allows proper sorting, taking into account all Unicode characteristics. It's the class the object $*COLLATION is instantiated to, and thus includes collation levels, that is, what kind of features should be looked up when comparing two strings and in which order.


method set§

method set (
    Int :$primary    = 1,
    Int :$secondary  = 1,
    Int :$tertiary   = 1,
    Int :$quaternary = 1)

Sets if the different levels should be used in ascending or descending order, or if they are going to be ignored (when set to 0).

say 'a' coll 'z'# OUTPUT: «Less␤» 
say 'a' coll 'z'# OUTPUT: «More␤» 

method primary§

method primary

Returns the state of the primary collation level.

method secondary§

method secondary

Returns the state of the secondary collation level.

method tertiary§

method tertiary

Returns the state of the tertiary collation level.

method quaternary§

method quaternary

Returns the state of the quaternary collation level.


Type relations for Collation
raku-type-graph Collation Collation Any Any Collation->Any Mu Mu Any->Mu

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