class X::Syntax::Variable::Numeric does X::Syntax { }

Syntax error thrown when trying to declare numeric symbols.

For example

my @101;

dies with

Cannot declare a numeric variable


method what§

method what returns Str:D

Returns a verbal description of the kind of symbol that was declared (variable, parameter, attribute).


Type relations for X::Syntax::Variable::Numeric
raku-type-graph Numeric Numeric Mu Mu Any Any Any->Mu Cool Cool Cool->Any Complex Complex Complex->Numeric Complex->Cool Real Real Real->Numeric Stringy Stringy Str Str Str->Cool Str->Stringy Allomorph Allomorph Allomorph->Str ComplexStr ComplexStr ComplexStr->Complex ComplexStr->Allomorph Duration Duration Duration->Cool Duration->Real Rational Rational Rational->Real Num Num Num->Cool Num->Real Instant Instant Instant->Cool Instant->Real Int Int Int->Cool Int->Real NumStr NumStr NumStr->Allomorph NumStr->Num Endian Endian Endian->Int PromiseStatus PromiseStatus PromiseStatus->Int Order Order Order->Int int int int->Int IntStr IntStr IntStr->Allomorph IntStr->Int atomicint atomicint atomicint->Int Signal Signal Signal->Int Bool Bool Bool->Int FatRat FatRat FatRat->Cool FatRat->Rational Rat Rat Rat->Cool Rat->Rational

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