class Encoding::Registry {}

Encoding::Registry is initialized with a list of encoding that is available for any Raku application, namely:

  • utf8

  • utf8-c8

  • utf16

  • utf16le

  • utf16be

  • utf32, utf-32

  • ascii

  • iso-8859-1, iso_8859-1:1987, iso_8859-1, iso-ir-100, latin1, latin-1, csisolatin1, l1, ibm819, cp819

  • windows-1251

  • windows-1252

  • windows-932


method name§

method register(Encoding $enc --> Nil)

Register a new Encoding.

method find§

method find(Str() $name)

Finds an encoding by its name. Returns an Encoding::Encoder or Encoding::Decoder, depending on what had been registered.