role Systemic

Information related to the build system

Built-in class for providing built system related information. Usually accessed through dynamic variables mixing this role such as the $*KERNEL.


method gist

method gistSystemic:D: )

Instance method returning the name and version of the object.

say $*PERL.gist# OUTPUT: «Perl 6 (6.c)␤» 

$*PERL is an object of the Perl type, which mixes in this role and thus implements this method.

method Str

method Str

Instance method returning the name of the object.

say $*PERL.Str# OUTPUT: «Perl 6␤» 

Type Graph

Type relations for Systemic
perl6-type-graph Systemic Systemic Any Any Systemic->Any Mu Mu Any->Mu VM VM VM->Systemic VM->Any

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